World events have accelerated the demand for a more flexible approach to space usage

SwiftConnect integrates with existing access control systems and space management systems, and consolidates these fragmented systems into a single cloud-enabled network, allowing people to use a single credential to access any location or space. Our SDK seamlessly connects with your tenant engagement app and space management systems. SwiftConnect covers every angle for enterprise and owners, allowing access for your employees and monitoring temporary access through your visitor management system. 

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Turn your disparate portfolio into the network it is with unified access

SwiftConnect integrates with existing access control hardware and software, consolidating these fragmented systems into a single network for users and management.
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Don’t rip and replace your existing ACS

Leave your ACS servers, controller boards, readers, and door hardware in place. SwiftConnect’s software-only integrations work with what you already have in your offices and what your landlords have in their buildings.

Make NFC mobile credentials possible and easy

Bridge the gap between the mobile credential provider, access control systems, and tenant engagement app. Make sure the right type and format credentials are provisioned for each location. Now more than ever it is important to be flexible when giving credentials to visitors. SwiftConnect believes that the best way to be agile is with mobile credential access control. 

Distribute mobile credentials with any tenant engagement app

Our easy-to-integrate SDK allows any app to provision NFC mobile credentials to the Wallet app in a user’s phone or watch.

Allow tenants to manage their credentials and save you money

  • Allow tenants to manage their own employees’ access

    Delegate the authority to your tenants to issue and revoke base building mobile credentials and permissions to their employees.

  • Save money on credential costs

    Eliminate annual mobile credential costs when tenants manage the process.

  • Up-to-date permissions

    Keep your access permissions up to date from the source so only the right people can enter.

Turn access into a service and provide amenities to your tenants

For smaller tenants you provision credentials to, SwiftConnect can track how many each tenant is using monthly so they can be billed properly.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of using NFC credentials for access control in modern security systems?

NFC technology brings several advantages to access control systems. NFC wallet access allows users to unlock doors simply by tapping their devices. Additionally, NFC wallet access control can be updated or modified remotely, making it flexible and scalable

How does NFC wallet access compare to traditional systems in terms of user experience?

In terms of user experience, NFC access control enabled self-service, on-demand access to places, spaces and things. Admins can grant or revoke access remotely, over the air, and users can download their access pass to their NFC wallet in seconds for hassle-free connected access

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