Enterprises need integrated systems to effectively operate and manage a hybrid and distributed workforce

SwiftConnect delivers employees a frictionless experience from curb to any office

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Manage employees’ office access like you manage software

SwiftConnect integrates many access control systems together and to other important, but separate enterprise systems, including directories, mobile device managers, employee apps, space management, travel booking, and more. SwiftConnect offers all areas of office mobile access on one platform. Managing physical access control to work sites is just one piece of the puzzle. Our software is a total access integration system that allows for you to manage all of your locations from one place. 

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Manage physical access like other enterprise software tools

Leave your ACS servers, controller boards, readers, and door hardware in place. SwiftConnect’s software-only integrations work with what you already have in your offices and what your landlords have in their buildings. Access control integration should be as easy as possible. That is why SwiftConnect’s software packages are able to operate with the hardware your building already has installed. Our mobile access control software makes it seamless and cost effective for landlords and businesses to manage space on one platform. 

Make NFC mobile credentials possible and easy

Bridge the gap between the mobile credential provider, access control systems, and tenant engagement app. Make sure the right type and format credentials are provisioned for each location.

extension MyImplementation: SwiftConnectObserver {
  func didFinishInitialization() {
    if SwiftConnect.shared.canDisplayAddWallet() {
      // Display the "Add to Apple Wallet" button to the user

  func didSetupAppleWallet() {
    // The pass was successfully added to the Wallet!
    // Show confirmation to user

  func didCancelAppleWallet() {
  // The user cancelled the flow

SwiftConnect.shared.connect(with: accessToken, delegate: this)


Distribute mobile credentials with any tenant engagement app

Our easy-to-integrate SDK allows any app to provision NFC mobile credentials to the Wallet app in a user’s phone or watch.

Take control of your employees’ experience from curb to office

  • Manage your employees’ permissions and credentials in your landlords’ base buildings in tandem with your suite-level access control.
  • No need to send emails or work requests to each landlord requesting access changes. Changes in your company directory are immediately reflected in each relevant access system.

Turn your disparate office portfolio into the network it is with unified access

Whether you have different systems inherited from M&A activity, or lack a corporate standard, SwiftConnect integrates with existing access control hardware and software, consolidating these fragmented systems into a single network for users and management
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Physical identity management for all systems employees interact with

Link SwiftConnect to your directory source of truth and allow a single employee account sync with access control, print servers, locker systems, heavy machinery, and more.

Frequently Asked Question

Can mobile access support a hybrid work environment?

Absolutely! Mobile access provides the necessary flexibility to support hybrid work models, allowing employees access places, spaces and things using their access pass in their NFC wallet. Access control integration centralizes all of the business systems that govern physical access, centralizing and dramatically simplifying access management

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