Today, tenants and employees expect a quick and easy way to access everywhere and everything they need at the office, without having to carry multiple cards and devices.

SwiftConnect has set a new industry standard for powering these connected access experiences to provide a completely seamless user journey, from the street to their seat.

With SwiftConnect’s secure Street-to-Seat™ solution, authorized employees and tenants simply add their company badges to Apple Wallet or Google Wallet and use their iPhone, Apple Watch, or Android device to access what they need, when they need it – conveniently and securely. 

Users simply download your designated app, register through your enterprise system, login, and access their pass to their NFC Wallet–all within seconds.

SwiftConnect’s Street-to-Seat™ solution empowers authorized users to gain unfettered access to:

   Buildings, lobby turnstiles, elevators, and stairwells

   Common amenity areas in base buildings

   Exterior/interior areas and spaces in your offices

   Smart lockers, printers, vending machines 

SwiftConnect’s centralized access management is the key

SwiftConnect’s Street-to-Seat™ solution is made possible through the SwiftConnect AccessCloud platform that integrates the most common credential technologies, mobile device platforms and business systems. It empowers administrators to automate and manage access permissions on one system instead of across multiple systems and providers. To achieve a frictionless access experience, administrators

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