SwiftConnect digitizes and automates the physical workplace, beginning with providing conditional universal access across any location wherever you are. Our SaaS solution grants companies the power of flexible space usage. A hardware-agnostic approach allows us to integrate with any existing systems and any equipment, from elevators and readers to turnstiles. SwiftConnect ensures no loss of productivity by integrating with existing access control, human resources, and user directory systems. Our solution gives companies and employees adaptable scheduling, fluid visitor management, variable space usage, as well as space analytics. Let SwiftConnect seamlessly bring your company into the new hybrid working world.


SwiftConnect connects the right people, to the right place, at the right time

Our People & Culture

We were born in the days of COVID-19 with the mind to transform the future of the workplace and digitize the employee and tenant experience, regardless of where they work. We are a diverse team composed of technologists and business leaders who are passionate about great technology and delivering transformative results to the workplace. We live by our motto of “work from anywhere” and have employees spread across North America.

Revolutionizing work and creating a difference are important to us, but the people we work with are even more important.