SwiftConnect Snags Prestigious 2022 RETA Award

SwiftConnect Snags Prestigious 2022 RETA Award


SwiftConnect Snags Most Prestigious Award in Commercial Real Estate Tech

STAMFORD, Conn.October 13, 2022 − SwiftConnect, a software platform provider that enables flexible work by connecting the right people to the right space at the right time, today announced the company is the Ninth Annual Real Estate Tech Awards (RETAs) Grand Prize Winner in the Emerging Startup category, presented by CREtech (cretech.com), the world’s leading community of professionals devoted to technological innovation in the real estate sector. The award recognizes the most cutting-edge companies who have played an integral role in advancing tech in the industry throughout the year.

SwiftConnect was meticulously selected by the #RETAs elite panel of judges, which includes the  real estate industry’s top thought leaders in technology. The company’s cloud-based platform simplifies managing building access to employees, removing the logistical headache of harmonizing across multiple, disconnected providers. It seamlessly integrates with dozens of existing building and suite-level access control systems. SwiftConnect consolidates these siloed systems into a unified cloud-enabled network and dashboard for building owners and enterprises to efficiently manage employee records, access permissions and credentials.

“We are honored that SwiftConnect has been awarded the Grand Prize in the Emerging Startup category at the 2022 Real Estate Tech Awards,” said Matt Kopel, President and Co-Founder of SwiftConnect. “This recognition underscores the state-of-the-art innovation, value and differentiation that we have come to be known for in the commercial real estate market and among enterprise organizations.”

By using the SwiftConnect platform, employees of any organization of any size, anywhere in the world, can instantly use their smartphone, wearable or keycard to access any location, while building owners never have to rip and replace existing systems. The software platform is able to plug into existing HR tech stacks by connecting a company’s source-of-truth and update permissions in the relevant access systems downstream.


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About SwiftConnect:

SwiftConnect’s software platform enables for both seamless flexible access by automating the provisioning of access credentials across different buildings and office spaces. Regardless of location, SwiftConnect links the right people to the right office space at the right time, enabling anyone to “work from anywhere in the world.” For more information, visit:Swiftconnect.io



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