SwiftConnect Joins Microsoft’s Connected Workplace Partner Ecosystem to Power New Ways of Work 

SwiftConnect Joins Microsoft’s Connected Workplace Partner Ecosystem to Power New Ways of Work 


SwiftConnect Joins Microsoft’s Connected Workplace Partner Ecosystem to Power New Ways of Work 

STAMFORD, Conn.October 12, 2022 − SwiftConnect, a software platform provider that enables flexible work by connecting the right people to the right space at the right time, today announced a strategic alliance with Microsoft to develop intuitive, employee-centric experiences on top of the industry’s new connected workplace platform, Microsoft Places. SwiftConnect’s platform for commercial real estate and enterprises will provide access control signals for space utilization insights that help reimagine workplaces. 

“Addressing the unique challenges associated with where work happens requires collaboration across the Connected Workplace category,” said Lars Johnson, Senior Director, Microsoft Teams and Connected Workplace. “We are proud to build a Connected Workplace partner ecosystem that includes industry leaders, like SwiftConnect, who will build on top of our Places platform with new and existing solutions that help solve the changing workplace needs of our customers.”

The increasing number of people working onsite, offsite and moving between locations is driving the insistence for on-demand access to buildings, enterprise resources and services, while administrators are also seeking to use physical space and real estate more efficiently. SwiftConnect and Microsoft will explore development and integration projects that elevate workplace experiences and enable leaders to optimize their workplaces.

“Working together early on, SwiftConnect is exploring and designing novel solutions with Microsoft as they expand within the Connected Workplace market to modernize all of the places where people work,” said Brandon Arcement, Chief Commercial Officer with SwiftConnect. “We bring to the strategic alliance our combined expertise in physical access control and leadership in mobile credential technology−a cornerstone in redefining what people going into offices will come to expect as bridging work-life experiences becomes the norm.”


The connected workspace, simplified with SwiftConnect

SwiftConnect’s software technology dramatically simplifies granting and managing building access to employees. The software removes the logistical headache of harmonizing across multiple, disconnected providers since it seamlessly integrates with dozens of existing building and suite-level access control systems. SwiftConnect goes a step further to consolidate these existing, siloed systems into a unified cloud-enabled network for building owners and enterprises to efficiently manage employee records, access permissions and credentials. Employees anywhere in the world can instantly use their smartphone, wearable or keycard to access any location. Building owners never have to “rip and replace” existing systems. 


About SwiftConnect

SwiftConnect’s software platform enables for both seamless flexible access by automating the provisioning of access credentials across different buildings and office spaces. Regardless of location, SwiftConnect links the right people to the right office space at the right time, enabling anyone to “work from anywhere in the world.” For more information, visit: Swiftconnect.io.



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