Access control infrastructure for the physical world

SwiftConnect powers physical access credentials and permissions in real-time, anywhere. Our software can interface with your Apple Wallet. Access control is now available through your phone or other connected devices. 

Why SwiftConnect

A unified, software-first approach to permissions and credentials

  • Manage access programmatically

    Access control should be an automated downstream event from the reason for access, and with SwiftConnect it is. Directories, space management systems, mobile device managers, and other upstream sources of truth and applications can all add or revoke access permissions and credentials for employees and tenants. Our software system can support an Apple credential, which you can access through your Apple wallet. 

  • Power hybrid work

    Seamlessly bring your company into the era of hybrid work by providing the scalable infrastructure for employees to book and access space from anywhere to anywhere. SwiftConnect provides centralized office management, which makes hybrid and flexible workplaces possible. 

  • No rip and replace

    Leave your existing access control system software and hardware, including card readers, in place. SwiftConnect has easily deployable, software-only integrations with most access control systems.

  • One system, endless opportunity

    Make physical access control addressable, programmatic, and automated for the first time. Finally, real estate and offices can be on demand, real-time, and operated as a network. As a flexible workplace cloud service, SwiftConnect makes your space management dynamic and agile by basing it in the cloud. 

For Owners

Manage your disparate portfolio like a network

Any owner or property manager can turn their siloed and separate buildings into a network of assets. Tenants can benefit from amenities, services, and flex spaces across the whole portfolio, not just their building.
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For Enterprise

Manage physical access (and therefore your offices) like your other Saas productivity tools

Allow access permissions and credentials to flow from your directory and handle updates and changes immediately.
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For Developers, By Developers

Powerful and easy-to-use APIs and SDK

Never integrate directly with an access control system again. The complete toolkit for managing and provisioning physical access permissions and credentials directly from your systems for your users.
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  • APIs for programmatic access

    SwiftConnect’s intuitive APIs and clear documentation make it easy to automate your access provisioning workflows, and easily iterate as your business grows and changes.

  • SDK for mobile credential provisioning

    SwiftConnect’s universal provisioning SDK is the single tool for obtaining mobile credentials from multiple providers without the hassle and upkeep of multiple integrations into the same mobile application.

curl --request GET \
     --url \
     --header 'Accept: application/vnd.swiftconnect.v2+json' \
     --header 'Authorization: Bearer <token>'
Our Integrations
Our Vision

Connecting the right people to the right place at the right time

We believe physical access is not just for security, but for work enablement. SwiftConnect makes buildings and spaces addressable and easy to enter and manage for people meant to be there.

Your business needs an office building operating system that can organize workspaces anywhere at any time, especially if you have to manage multiple teams of workers on multiple sites. 

SwiftConnect also offers building operations software with mobile access control for your Apple and Android devices to provide employers, employees, and landlords with more flexibility than ever.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of Apple Wallet access control integration?

Integrating Apple Wallet access control offers a secure way to grant and  manage physical access. Users can store their access credentials digitally in Apple Wallet, allowing for connected access to places, spaces and resources with just an iPhone or Apple Watch

What is SwiftConnect and how does it revolutionize connected access control?

SwiftConnect is at the  cutting-edge of enabling connected access experiencesWe transform access management by making it possible self-service, on demand access possible.  Our connected access enablement software delivers seamless access using NFC wallets in phones and other mobile devices

How does digital wallet access affect traditional access control methods?

Digital wallet access allows users to store their access permissions securely in their digital wallets, such as on a smartphone or wearable device. This eliminates the need for physical keys or cards

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