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Software for the dispersed office & flexible work environment

In the new world of work, SwiftConnect matches the right people to the right space, at the right time, with access control and permissioning at the core.

Our Products

Our Products

Access Cloud
Provide programmatic access, in real time, from any credential to any existing access control system
Space Cloud
Reserve, occupy, and manage space inventory across an entire portfolio
Visitor Cloud
Invite, process, and welcome visitors seamlessly, without hassle or anxiety
Integrates with access control, visitor management, space management, and employee directories
Enterprise Access & Security

For Enterprise

Create the flexible office
Standardize the workplace experience for employees across your locations, from booking their desk, to inviting visitors, conducting meetings, and accessing space.
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Landlord For portfolio managers

For Owners

Digitize your building
Allow your tenants to operate their offices flexibly by adding and removing employees and visitors from your base building systems in real-time and with no hassle.
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