Visitor Cloud

Companies, employees, and their guests desire a contactless visitor management system (VMS). They want their VMS to be safe, easy to manage, and easy to use. SwiftConnect enables employees to register visitors seamlessly with digitally issued visitor credentials. SwiftConnect enables management to oversee their entire portfolio with one visitor management system regardless of providers and vendors.

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Visitor Experience

After receiving an invitation via SMS or email, visitors can “pre-check” before arriving at the location, expediting the sign in process.

Visitors can check in at the security desk or use the self-check tablet for a touchless experience.

A COVID-19 survey can be enabled as a prerequisite before visitor credentials are given.

Visitors are able to choose between a printed credential or a mobile credential.

Work Enablement

Enterprises and their employees can invite visitors and create meetings through existing systems.
Enterprise employees can manage their invitations and meetings.
Employees receive notifications when their visitors arrive.


Utilize SwiftConnect to manage an entire portfolio’s visitor management activity through one portal.
A single source of truth for all visitors and events.
Clock & PenIncorporate guest numbers into occupancy analysis for office.
Security Officials can manage lobby activity in real-time.
Property Managers/Landlords can provide and manage an integrated Visitor Management System, while maintaining system-wide validation of individuals.