Space Cloud

Employees want to easily book space, whether it’s a desk or conference room, without losing productivity or space efficiency.  SwiftConnect’s space managements software, Space Cloud, enables this through intelligent seat and room assignment. Space Cloud is a multi-location, portfolio-wide management tool for enterprises and flex providers to manage how all people interact with their rooms, desks, and other resources.

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Work Enablement

Enterprises and their employees can utilize a desk hoteling and room booking system across all locations for which they have access permission.
Seamlessly create events, inviting colleagues and visitors to meeting space with automatic integration to visitor and access control systems.
Intelligent booking system notifies employees when and where their colleagues are working, space cleaning schedules, and space amenity availability.
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HR or Facilities Directors can utilize SwiftConnect to manage their space hoteling activity through one portal. They can observe high-level activity across the portfolio, and manage all activity involving a location’s physical space, giving the ability to manage capacity in real time.
Office Managers can create a Live Source of Truth, a Map, for all locations to build resources, reservations, rules and reports in real time. Allowing for centralized management and monitoring, while enabling on site operations. 
Property Managers/Landlords can control, market, and lease swing space inventory to provide “Space as a Service” on-demand. Tenants can add this swing space into their desk and room booking systems from the Landlord’s existing portfolio to provide additional space to their employees.