World events have accelerated the demand for a more flexible approach to space usage. This has created a need for diverse methods of how, when, and where work occurs. Two unique issues, which our commercial real estate software is designed to address, are now at the forefront of every landlords’ and building owners’ minds.


They require new tools to manage access to and utilization of their portfolio of flexible physical spaces.


They need to have an access and space management system that easily integrates with tenant/enterprise systems.

Provide contactless, safe, and secure access through a single credential to any and all buildings

Control swing space inventory to provide “Space as a Service” on-demand, for a distributed workforce

Allow tenants to quickly add swing space from the Owner’s portfolio, while providing integrated scheduling, access, and data.


SwiftConnect, a single integrated SaaS system allows for seamless flow of data from the tenant/enterprise to the base building access control system.

Universal Credential

A conditional mobile access control system that admits only employees allowed by a company

A contactless visitor management system enables smooth visitor registration with digitally issued credentials

A central security management system reducing on-site efforts and third party vendor costs

A real-time inventory of available space that can be linked to third party leasing marketplaces