The Enterprise Productivity and Collaboration Tool for the Physical World

The shift to a hybrid work environment means an employee’s physical presence is no longer expected. Internal meetings, client meetings, and company events will be composed of employees in work/home locations. Employers will likely no longer provide dedicated desks or offices for a majority of employees. This has created a need for more flexible and geographically distributed work spaces. Enterprises need to meet these evolving employee expectations quickly. The hybrid work transition has created two issues for enterprises.


The need for new tools to manage employee access and utilization of their physical spaces across their portfolio.


Creating new processes for effectively coordinating collaboration between a physically and digitally distributed employment base.

SwiftConnect can coordinate employees’ conditional access across multiple locations

Employee reservations of physical assets is a largely manual process, SwiftConnect automates

SwiftConnect organizes and promotes collaboration across a distributed workforce, while avoiding missed connections

Enterprises need integrated systems to effectively operate and manage a distributed workforce.

SwiftConnect is a solution that digitizes the physical workplace by integrating the various technologies and workflows employees need to effectively work. SwiftConnect provides a more flexible approach to space usage allowing employees various workspace options. It does this by digitizing and automating the entire experience.


SwiftConnect, a single integrated SaaS system that coordinates physical and digital collaboration for a distributed employee base. Managing access and utilization of individual resources in any physical space, safely and flexibly.

Universal Credential

A conditional access credentialing system that admits employees only with a valid physical resource reservation

A single credential for employees to reserve resources and access amenities

A consistent and standardized experience for employees across all office locations

Assigns desks and conference rooms

A workplace management tool that promotes flexibility, efficiency, and community

A centrally managed system that reduces on-site overhead and third party vendor costs